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Our house in Florida has TONS of wall space for paintings and pictures which is awesome for an artist! I have done a great job filling it up. (I’ll need more wall space soon!) I have always wanted a really cool family photo gallery wall in my house and until recently, I figured it would be a little narcissistic to have a ton of pictures of just my husband and I. Now that we have little Jacob, it was time to narrow down my favorite pictures to hang.

So here is what I did…

First, I measured the space where the pictures would go. Then I got some paper the same size and laid it out on the floor. I just taped together some brown backing paper. Any scrap or cheap paper can work. You could even use newspaper taped together. I laid out my pictures on the floor on the paper, where it would be easy to rearrange. That way I could get it looking perfect before putting it on the wall. Once I got the layout I liked best, I traced each picture and labeled them to make it easy when putting them up.



^^ Tiny cat wanted to help! ^^

I then put the paper up on the wall where the pictures will go. I enlisted my husband and father-in-law to help hang up the pictures.



Then we carefully removed the paper behind the pictures… and taaadaaa…

2014-11-019 copy


There is a space in the middle for a wooden sign that will say “Family”. I am currently working on that final piece.

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