Wine Cork Wreath

A few years ago, I made this wine cork wreath for my mother-in-law on Mother’s Day.

I finally got around to making one for myself and wanted to share a little how to with everyone. It is a pretty nice DIY Christmas gift for a wine lover or someone who likes cute rustic decor. And something to do with all the corks from the wine you have drank or want to collect now. Happy wine drinking!

First, I painted a styrofoam wreath ring white.

2015-11-05 10.11.392015-11-05 10.18.56

It seems to take a long time to finish projects anymore… Maybe its my little “helpers”.2015-11-05 10.26.252015-11-05 10.28.012015-11-05 10.28.24

^HUGS!! He loves his Emma.^

Next, Jake helped me gather up and organize the wine corks to put on the wreath.

2015-11-05 10.29.022015-11-05 10.29.412015-11-05 10.31.202015-11-05 10.31.36

^They really make quite a mess for me to clean up.^

Next, carefully, insert a toothpick into each cork to help hold the cork in place around the wreath. It is very time consuming but ends up looking pretty.

2015-11-05 11.52.402015-11-05 11.53.072015-11-20 15.40.452015-11-20 15.49.202015-11-20 15.49.29

And finally, the finished product. I added some grapes and flowers to decorate both of the wreaths after I glued all the corks in place. It looks very nice on top of my kitchen cabinets with my other wine themed decor.

2015-12-18 14.08.322015-12-18 14.09.052015-12-18 14.09.182015-12-18 14.09.58

Only one more week until Christmas! Hope everyone has a merry week getting everything ready for their Christmas celebrations. Until next week, XOXO.

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