Our Schedule

This past Sunday, I crossed over the big 30 hump. Yep, Happy Belated Birthday to me. I am feeling pretty good about it since I am healthy and I took this non-makeup selfie…


and realized I look about 12 in it. Jake is giving me some attitude too. As you can probably assume from our Sunday playoff attire, we were pretty sad about the outcome of the game. Next year is our year!

It’s still pretty hard to get much painting done. In between Jakes feeding schedule,

7:30am : wake up feed

9ish am : nap time (sometimes)

10:30am: 2nd breakfast

11ish : nap time (longer if no 9 naptime)

1:30-2ish: Lunch

4:30-5ish: Dinner

(There is usually a short afternoon nap somewhere between Lunch and Bedtime)

7:30-8ish: Bedtime feeding/Bedtime routine

Chores and errands are usually done during the nap times since right now he pretty much needs me to entertain him. Nap times can range from 30 min -2 hours. Usually short if I really want to get something done. So between taking care of Jake man and the household; painting has taken a back seat for a bit. Its ok because I think it is super important to give Jake all the attention he needs. Being a Stay and Home Mom is great for us.

Now that football season is over, I think I will encourage Sunday father and son time so that I can have some painting time for myself. I have gotten my next project canvas about prepped for painting.


Down here in Florida, it is like spring. Not sure were winter went this year (oh yeah, there is no winter in Florida). I am still that one person that misses the snow. We had some fun playing outside and looking at all the pretty flowers that have started blooming. I had some fun with my camera. A few of these pictures would make some cool paintings!! The ideas are flowing…




And of course while playing outside, Emma dog comes carrying a pool skimmer basket. Not sure how or where she found it, but she was super happy about it. Love her doggy smile!



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