Weekly Bump Pics

 During my pregnancy, I documented my growing bump with bi-weekly pictures. Every week was a lot to do and every two weeks still showed a nice change. I had planned on doing this since before I even got pregnant. I had seen so many different ideas of this on Pinterest, but I put my own personal spin on it. I used some black matte board and drew on each one with paint pens. It gave the posters a cute chalkboard effect without the mess. Plus I figured I could reuse most of them in the future. I used my painting easel to display the board each week to show my personality in the photos.

I did not make it through the whole 40 weeks since Jacob decided to come early. Week number 10 is one of my favorite pictures. Look how awesome my abs look after giving up wine for 10 weeks. Maybe I should continue to limit my wine consumption… maybe not.









I can honestly say being pregnant was not a terrible experience. Since I am turning 30 this sunday, I am very proud of the fact that I accomplished something very impressive before turning 30… becoming a mommy!

(my original goal was to run a half marathon before turning 30, but I have to say giving birth to my son completely natural with no epidural or pain meds is just as if not more impressive)

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