This week has been a bit of a challenge to get anything done except take care of my little man. So unfortunately, I do not have a fun craft project or art project to post about. I thought I would share some of my mommy experience so far, which is very little. I love my little man so very much, but this week he has randomly decided he can only nap during the day while I am holding him. Although I would love to just hold my beautiful son all day, I have tons of stuff to get done! But you cannot get angry at that beautiful face!


I have found that singing to him helps calm him down. I have always loved to sing but never by myself out loud around people. I enjoyed choir many years ago but never had the courage to do a solo. I have always figured I am a pretty bad singer, so it is pretty flattering to have one little fan! It must have been all the singing in the shower and by myself while I was pregnant for him. So if you see a mom singing badly to her son, do not judge her!

As a new mom, I feel like I worry about my little man most all of the time.

Things I am constantly worrying about now:

  1. Getting a flat head from sitting in his car seat, bouncy chair (which he loves), sleeping on his back, basically just about everything seems like it might cause a flat head.
  2. My little man getting too fat. Although he is exclusively breast fed, he is almost 10 weeks old and 13 lbs 11 oz!! jeeze! I keep telling myself that dad is a big guy so he will be big too. It is crazy fast too since he was born only 5 lbs 11 oz. He eats only 6 times a day too which seems to be on the low end of newborn eating from everything I have read. (I have read alot)
  3. Not doing enough tummy time, therefore not getting his milestones and enough exercise adding to my baby getting too fat worry.
  4. Sitting in his bouncy seat too much. He seriously loves that thing. I feel bad just sticking him in it and bouncing him when he’s cranky but its the only thing that makes him happy.
  5. Do 2 month olds get bored?? Does he sleep too much??…

My hubby assures me I am just overly worried which I am sure I am. But come on, I don’t want him to get a flat head. (seriously it has to be the number one worry of mine right now) At least we got a cute Santa picture.

2014-12-07 09.26.34-1

He has put himself on a pretty consistent schedule now and today he is already better at not fussing so much so hopefully it was just this week. I was able to take a nice enjoyable shower, do my hair cute and put on some makeup. It really does wonders to keep me feeling happy. A little lipstick goes a long way šŸ˜‰




Happy Friday Everyone!!! Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to work on some of my personal art projects while my hubby plays with baby!

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