It’s Christmas Time

It is pretty hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it is 80 degrees outside and you have been used to the chilly midwest winters. I found it very odd Christmas shopping in shorts and a t-shirt this week. I have been working on getting into the Christmas spirit by listening to Christmas tunes and of course going crazy decorating. Since I have been missing the snow (yes, I am that one person that just loves snow every year), I definitely had my own Elsa moment where I was putting as many snowflake decorations as I could find everywhere.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas decorations this year…

Our Beautiful Tree



Yes we have a giant teddy bear my husband randomly found at Home Depot. I am not sure why Home Depot was selling giant teddy bears but apparently it was the last one. Jake will enjoy him when he’s bigger.

Emma and Tiny’s stockings of course!



Changed up my Thanksgiving table box to a lovely Christmas box.



I had some fun with our staircase.



And of course some outdoor lights. Next year we will have to go bigger but it’s a good start this year!


And of course looking forward to a very Merry Christmas season. Hopefully it will cool off so I can wear some of my cute sweaters and boots!


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