My First Photography Attempt

This week, I thought I’d share a photography project I did for Jacob’s nursery. I wanted to create some wall art that could continue to fit the room as he grows older. To go with the sporty puppies theme, I decided I wanted to have a series of pictures of various sports balls. FIrst I looked on the internet to find some to purchase since I didn’t think it would turn out nice if I did it myself. I found some that I liked on etsy…


but I decided that I could do it myself and save some of the cost. I was very pleased how the photos turned out.


First, I realized I did not have any of the sports balls that I wanted to photograph, so began an Amazon search. I found these small toy balls for a fairly reasonable price. Once I was done with the photographs, you could not even tell they are just small toys.

Next, I picked a spot to stage the photos. I tried two different places just to see which I would like the best. First was outside on the grass and second was inside on the wood floor.

20140909_112348 20140909_112410 20140909_112304 20140909_112240

20140909_113048 20140909_113029 20140909_113010 20140909_112956

After uploading to my computer, I used my Picasa program to play with the settings until I got the desired effect. This part took the longest. I ended up settling on the grass series with some added shadowing effects and color alterations.20140909_113029-002

20140909_112956-002 20140909_113048-002 20140909_113010-002

I picked out some simple metal frames to match the room. I used some bright green, blue, and red frames I found at Michaels Craft Store.


Assemble and Hang! Here is the finished project. I later added a tennis and golf ball to have 6 pictures instead of 4. Plus Grandma looooves golf, so we totally could not leave that sport out.


You can use the same technique for photos of other objects. I learned that a good background and natural light really helps get a great photograph.


And finally some pictures I took today of Jacob and I in our super cute fall vests. Enjoy!




and of course Emma didn’t want to get left out today…


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