Thanksgiving Tablescape

With only a couple weeks until Thanksgiving, I know many of you are thinking of cute decorating idea especially for your dinner table. I had a Thanksgiving table vision last month and of course came up with a project. I wanted to make a rustic box to put on my dinning room table and fill it with candles, pumpkins, gourds, and leaves. I first drafted the help of my husband to assist me with building the box itself. I was not sure where to find “distressed” wood, so we bought some rough cedar from Home Depot and distressed the wood ourselves.

Step 1. Cut all the pieces to your desired size. I did 7 1/2 inches x 3 feet. I had my husband do the cutting for me this time.



Step 2. Assembly. We just nailed the pieces together since I was going for a rustic look and imperfections only added to the overall effect. I also left the bottom open to make the project easier. Since it will be sitting on a table, not having a bottom, does not ruin the look.


Step 3. Wood distressing. We created a mixture of nails and vinegar in a glass jar and let it set for a few days. We were actually going to make this on October 5th but I went into labor. So our nails actually sat in the vinegar for a couple weeks. The vinegar and nails create a chemical reaction with the wood to make the distressed finish. I just took a normal paint brush and brushed on a single coat and let it dry.




Lastly comes the decorating part. I used some moss, various sized candles and candle holders, and some leaf garlands. I wanted to put some small pumpkins and gourds in the display but I could not find any after Halloween.


I had a little help from Tiny cat.



I added some place settings to the table for the full effect.


Make sure you always have some great shop helpers with you…2014-11-016


Jacob was really happy to help use power tools for the first time in his life!

We celebrated an early Thanksgiving with family this weekend and the decorations where a huge hit! Happy early Thanksgiving from our family to your family!


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