Nursery Decorating

Jacob is one month old! Oh my how time has flown by. Also, how little time for myself, but it is definitely worth it every time I look at him. He has been sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom so far, since his nursery is upstairs and our bedroom is downstairs. Not totally the best set up but you have to work with what you’ve got. I do not want to be going up and downstairs every 3 hours during the night. I cannot wait for him to sleep in his bedroom because not only will it mean he’s sleeping through the night but also we can enjoy the nursery that I spent so much time working on. We have been playing up there during the day lately!

I wanted to go with a sports theme because I really like football. I found the cutest crib bedding set from Babies R Us and pretty much used it as inspiration for the rest of the room.




I did various little “art project” decorations for the nursery. As seen in pervious posts, I refinished a bookcase for the room.


The growth chart came from Pottery Barn Baby and the cute mesh boxes came from Ikea. Little Jacob is ready to do some major reading!


Another project perviously posted was my homemade toy bench which you can see in the corner here.



In the top picture, you can see some framed sports balls pictures. That was a photography project that I also did myself. I will share the details of that in a future project post.


I purchased a few other framed pictures to decorate the walls. I of course, picked our favorite sports teams from home for these.




The lil’ Man Cave is my favorite decoration I think. How cute is that!

Because the room does not have a closet, we used a armoire. Eventually, we will build a closet for the room but it works perfect for now.



The ceiling is painted in super cute night time stars.


The final mini nursery project that I did was redoing a mirror to match the room’s theme to go over the changing table.


I painted it orange and blue for the Chicago Bears!

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