October Is Here

Well yesterday was officially October 1st, which not only means 23 day until our son’s due date, but also Halloween decoration time! I spent yesterday afternoon decorating our house for Halloween. All we need now are some pumpkins! Because the fall wreath I made last week turned out so cute, I decided to make a Halloween one. Here is how I did this one.

First, I started with the basic wire frame and intertwined a Halloween garland around it.


I then used an orange ribbon and intertwined that between the wire frame and leaf garland. Make sure to fluffy up everything to make it look nice and full.



I also used a smaller ribbon with little bats on it and twisted it around the orange ribbon in various places. I added a few black/purple roses and sparkly eyeball ornaments to various places in the wreath. I used some thin wire to attach the various decorations to the wreath’s basic frame. You can used any types of decorations you want. I had some cute bats, but my cat really enjoyed those and carried them away so I let him have some new toys.



And here we go! I love it!


Here are some more of my Halloween decorating. Dining Room centerpiece.


Outdoor garden gazebo ghost.


AND Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!


Later this month, we will to do some pumpkin carving but we will wait until later so they do not get rotten before Halloween.

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