Fall Wreath

YAY! This Tuesday was officially the first day of fall! I have been so excited for fall this year especially seeing all the pumpkin flavored everything popping up in the last few weeks. It has been hard down here in Florida this year since it is still hot and its my first year living in this type of climate. I have been very jealous of all my family and friends back in the midwest with their cute fall outfits, campfires beginning and cooler weather. I want to wear some boots and cute fall tops!

Anyway, to get into the fall spirit, I decided to put up a few decorations. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but my husband makes me wait until October 1st to put up Halloween decorations. I decided a tasteful fall wreath for the front door would help appease my fall cravings until October 1st, and then I can put it back up after Halloween. Here’s how I created my own unique fall wreath.

I used a 18 inch wire wreath frame. It ended up being the perfect size for a typical sized front door. I used a leaf garland and intertwined it in the wire frame for the beginning base of the wreath.


I then used some leaves and flower bouquets from the floral department that I thought would look nice together. You can make many different styles and color schemes by using different leaves and flower types. I just picked some I liked. I only needed one bunch of leaves and one bunch of flowers to make the wreath look nice a full when I was done. I just cut apart the leaves and flowers, and twisted the wire from them around various places in the wire frame.


I added some wheat grass to the back of the wreath because I liked the look of it too. For the final touches, I purchased a wooden P for our last name and hung it in the middle of the wreath with some burlap ribbon. The wreath would look awesome with or without the letter initial in the middle. It really is your own personal preference of what you like.


Make sure to tie a hanger from the wire base to hang the wreath. I used the same burlap to match, but again any kind of ribbon or twine will work. I just think burlap looks cute and fallish. Hope this inspires your own creative fall wreaths! Have a Happy Fall! Halloween decorating coming soon!


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