Toy Bench

Much of my focus lately has been on finishing up our nursery for our son. I wanted to create a cute yet practical way of storing toys that wasn’t a traditional toy box. I decided on a small bench that would double as a step up to the window nook. After drawing some sketches to get the idea across to my husband (who, as always, helps me with the construction), it was off to Home Depot again. I wanted the step to be divided into 4 different sections and in each section I would put a storage box for toys. It was a pretty simple design and we did not need very many supplies, but my husband was excited to have an excuse to purchase a new router. He routed the joints of the bench to make them fit together very smoothly.


Once we measured twice and cut once for all the pieces; It was time to assemble. This part worked best with two people to help nail, glue and clamp the pieces together.


After everything was securely clamped together, we left it to dry for 24 hours. Probably longer. I did not really time it.


Once the piece was fully dry, we cut and nailed a piece of wood on the back. I thought it would look bad if you could see through to the other side and would make the boxes fall out the back. Then it was time to sand. Thankfully it was much easier to sand and smooth out than sanding the finish off the bookcase I did earlier this summer!

I then got to work staining it. I used the same stain I used on the bookcase and nightstand. Ebony.


I did several coats to get the dark stain I like. I left it to dry and did more coats the next day too. I left it to dry for another day.

Once the wooden part was done, I got to work sewing a cushion to go on top. I got a foam pad cut down to size and some fabric from Jo-Anne Fabric and sewed a simple cover for the pad. I got some puppy fabric to go with the theme of the nursery and ordered some super cute storage boxes from Kohls. I am very pleased with how it turned out. It is super sturdy and will work perfectly as an added step to the window/reading nook in the nursery.


I painted wooden letters with glow in the dark paint and glued them on the blue boxes with fabric glue. Glow in the dark anything is cool!


I had some left over fabric from the cushion, so I covered a couple pillows by sewing a very simple pillow case to go on top of them.


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