Tacky to Classy??

Last week, my husband ran into a very particular problem at work. They moved into a new building and the powers at be decided to become quite strict about desk decoration policies. My husband has quite a sense of humor and had some interesting desk decorations. He was told that he needed to take these certain items home. He does have some very tasteful wedding and engagement pictures that I put on his desk, so he is not all tacky. I am sure you have seen many many office desks covered in not only tacky decor but also mounds of clutter. Here is a good example. JUST NO!

Anyway, I was able to help him find a creative way to keep his personality on his desk. The two items in question were a deer head he got as a white elephant Christmas gift and a pink flamingo. I helped him take some very professional looking pictures of the objects. I used some fabric draped around the deer head and a directional lamp pointed at the head to get the lighting just right. I was able to capture the picture with my phone camera. They have such great quality cameras now. Here is the finished deer head picture.

deer head

I just took the flamingo picture in front of some palm leaves in our front yard. Flamingos need to look like they are somewhere tropical. Here is the finished flamingo picture.

flamingoAfter having them printed at Walgreens, I put them in a double frame and they were ready to be place on my husband’s desk at work.


I took the extremely tacky and made it classy (well sort of)! We shall see how long it takes his co-workers to notice. I enjoyed being part of my husband’s work shenanigans this time.

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