Welcome Basket DIY

After moving down to Florida from the northwest suburbs of Chicago in March of this year, I have been doing quite a few house decorating crafts/art projects. We moved to a bigger house, so I have kept myself pretty busy along with my normal painting and my added baby preparations. This has helped fulfill my nesting urges. Moving far away from family and friends has made guest accommodations much higher on our priority list now. We want to make sure we are always ready for lots of visitors!! I thought I would share this cute little guest basket I made for our guest bedroom this week.


It was super simple and easy to make. I just bought the basket, a short and long basket worked best for sitting on top of a taller dresser for our guest bedroom. You can definitely use any size basket you want. The basket came with the cover on the inside, but you can buy some burlap or muslin fabric and make your own cover super easily. I then just used a stencil and a black sharpie to write right on the fabric. I used some black ribbon to tie cute little bows around the towels to match the writing. You can make it your own and use colors besides black to match your guest room of course.

welcome 2

As an added bonus for guests, I put some travel sized toiletries into the basket. It has been a huge hit! I actually need to stock up on some more since mouthwash, toothpaste and some handmade soap were already very popular with only 3 guest visits so far. I am always forgetting something, so I would love something like this when I visit too! We also put a little card in the basket with the guest wifi password. Everyone needs to know that!

Hopefully this has given you some crafty ideas for your house!

And a bonus picture because baby stuff is all I can think about anymore… Bear is testing out our new baby stroller! Super excited to use this in a few months!

testing stroller

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