Building a Foyer Table

A few weeks ago I recruited my husband to help teach me to use power tools and make a different kind of art project. I thought it would be pretty cool to make my own foyer table instead of buying one, plus I could learn to use some tools at the same time. You never know what creative idea will require power tools in the future! I had some ideas of what I wanted it to look like from some pinterest pins. My husband helped me figure out the measurements and how much wood we would need to purchase. So it was off to Home Depot as our typical Saturday tends to be these days.

First we assembled the top, bottom and legs separately. To make sure the top was nice and smooth, we had to clamp it and let it dry over night. We used wood glue so that no nails would show from the top or on the legs of the table.

20140601_143146 20140601_143151

After the drying period, we put the table top onto the legs.


Next, I spent what seemed like quite a long time power sanding the table. I wanted perfection and smooth corners. The hot and humid Florida weather made it extra hard!


Once I had it up to my standards, I rinsed off all the saw dust. The dust can really mess up the staining process. I had chosen a very dark stain, Ebony, to go with the red paint of our foyer. Staining was not very hard but did take a couple days. I did three separate coats since I wanted a really dark finish on the table. Make sure to wear gloves when staining, as I found out it stains skin too!!! Although if you do get stain on your skin, you can easily clean it off even after it has dried with some cooking oil. (Just a helpful fyi)

And here we have the finished product! Ignore the pile of stuff in the picture. I had just gotten done decorating.



I got the mirror for a major deal at Home Goods. The vase and flowers from Michael’s. And the statue is a Paula Pigott sculpture.

I am very happy how my very first furniture project turned out! I definitely see some more projects in the future.