allen finished2.136 x 12 inch stretched canvas with a 1 1/2 inch thick wooden frame that the canvas stretches over. It is a mixed media piece consisting of acrylic paint, broken and recycled glass, gold leafing, and a resin top coat. Completed May 8, 2014.

This piece was specially created for a client in Tampa Bay, Florida, after he saw a similar piece I completed for my mother-in-law called “Broken Illusions”. Like the “Broken Illusions” piece, it is created from useless pieces of broken glass being brought together to create a beautiful piece of art. After consulting on what vision for the painting my client had in mind, I focused on using very bright and vibrant colors to reflect a Mexican Native art inspiration. I also used a mosaic type pattern for the glass shards on the canvas to add an extra eye pleasing flow to the piece.

allen finished close up2