For My Daddy

48 x 24 inch stretched canvas with a 1 1/2 inch thick wooden frame that the canvas stretches over. It is a mixed media piece consisting of 3D fabric sculpture, gesso, and acrylic paint. Completed August 2, 2012.

This is a very special addition to the Study of Fabric collection. The idea behind it came to my while I was in the shower one day, and I knew I had to paint it for my Dad. The piece is an abstract cross slowly forming from the bottom of the piece. The bottom is made up of a rainbow of colors and fades to pure white as your eye moves up the piece. This is a modern interpretation of this verse from The Bible; “I am the way, the truth, and the life; No man cometh unto the father, but by me.” Jesus Christ John 14:6. The colors fading to pure white symbolize the forgiveness of our sins and being washed clean. I entitled it “For My Daddy” as it was painted specifically for my daddy. It is displayed in West Middleton, Indiana at my Mother and Father’s house.